Cover Art Vol 1 DONE! :D

Hey everyone! I finally managed to get the photo finished! I adore how she turned out. This gives me a brand new idea on what to do with the rest of the comic! I am now working on John’s sketch and have the panels printed to do the sketch work. I really enjoyed creating this and figuring out what to do for Tarebear’s Adventures, a lot of time and creative blocking (Which was fixed via sketches) and I finally understood a lot of different processes for Photoshop.  So far this entire blogging journey has been quiet amazing in learning and figuring out how things work.


            I am quiet happy to be able to work effectively on the rest of the comic, so far I have had to print out the Panels for the comic, and I save the file, sketch them, bring the sketches into Photoshop and then replace them into the digital file that has the original panel creation. Tarebear has finally come alive and she is well on her way to finishing her first Chapter. I am going to also upload the initial storyboards so people can see my progress and such after each chapter is done, I guess it is a peek inside my mind.


            Now everyone, I hope you enjoy the cover art and please by all means let me have critique I can always redo it and upload it again! There is never lack of room for improvement in anything am I right?


Keep drawing and doing your things everyone!



Love Tarebear!Image


Cover sketch for Tarebear’s Adventures Vol 1 And UPDATES!

Hey everyone! I am happy to say my basic sketch is FINALLY DONE. There are a few things I need to fix and touch up and clean via Photoshop but all in all I am quiet happy with the outcome. The idea for the first Volume 1 cover is to show Tarebear’s sense of style, she is quiet obsessed with Victorian clothing, this is explained later on in a flashback. I was very curious as to what I wanted to capture in this picture, and had to mess with her face and hair (Hair is usually left up), but then decided to show details that usually aren’t shown. I sketched in details of lace around the edges of the skirt, and the frilled neck collar and pin is a traditional neck cover and cameo.


Now then, for the basic ideas for the actual comic itself, I must admit I have been having horrible writers block, so what better place to start then what people see first, the cover. The finished product will be up in a few days since I will have full time (Working hard to get stuff in early) to really spend on the project and get her all sparkling and pretty.


For the first volume, I am torn between what stories to do first, I want to stick with Tarebear And the Kerui, and I have a story board of that, but I want some type of mini story, perhaps how John meets the Tarebear. I am working on refining John’s character, because I felt that although I liked the logo and introduction initially, I am worried that it does not suit the character, the character is kind of a huffy guy that wears suits all the time and is very sarcastic, the only one he is sweet or kind to is of course Tarebear (Because he gets bit if he isn’t).


Also coming, is Tarebear VS Mail Man, you guessed it, something is coming in the mail, and Tarebear has been waiting for forever to get it, so what happens when she sees the mail man that refuses to hand over her product? Stay tuned everyone! Allergies and spring time is here! Time to get your thinking caps on and get going!Image

Second Post and a bit more of what I am up to In regards to the little comic!

Hello everyone! So far everything is going well, I hope you had a chance to check out the introduction picture for Tarebear and John, these were simple sketches (Which I will upload the originals later) that I combined until I felt it fitted, I want to fiddle around with the ideas of poses, props and other things with the characters, does anyone have any ideas?


At any rate, so far the first comic is Tarebear & The Kueri (Kuerig in Tarebear Speak).


Speaking of Tarebear Speak (It IS a language didn’t you know?) I also want to do a small episode on how Tarebear and John meet, she doesn’t speak English, and he does not speak Tarebear Speak, so he must catch her with a cookie trap and then teach her! But that is for later my fellow people!




The first episode is rather funny, but it shows the true friendship between the characters, it goes into what Tarebear’s are (There are rare few in this world now due to their habitat of couch logs are depleted). I am sure some of you are wondering and going “It is just a girl in a hat!” And with that you are mistaken! Tarebear’s hat is very special; it is actually part of her head! The hat cannot come off, I made the mistake of giving her ears, and so I need to fix that. But you will notice during the comic that her ears wiggle when she gets excited.


John’s character (Based of my lovely) is a bit of his whacky side, I rarely ever see it so I guess I see to fit myself with a fictional one of his crazy disposition to make me laugh when he is at school! He is very, very calm and tends to cause mischief for the poor Tarebear when she has plans to do something; on the other hand he takes care of her and makes sure she does not have any trees fall on her (Another story for later.)


As Tarebear and John’s stories unroll into life I hope to be seeing all of you, I know this is a bit unorthodox, but I find this is my haven to let my imagination roam, because in art anything can come to life. Sweet dreams now bloggers! I will get those sketches up first thing tomorrow!




Tarebear And John


Well everyone here we are! The beginning of the adventures of Tarebear and Johnbear is going to be launching very soon! I am so excited for all of you to join me in this wonderful artistic journey, feel free to drop any comments with art or just some fun ideas you have!